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Trình độ C - Bài 41

Trình độ C - Bài 41

1. He was an ________ writer because he persuaded many people to see the trust of his idea.

2. I ________ seeing John tomorrow so I will give him your message.

3. The temperature yesterday was about ________ for the time of year.

4. John swims very well and ________ does his brother.

5. The old lady was very ________ for our help.

6. ________ it was raining heavily he went out without a raincoat.

7. Your progress will be ________ in six months' time.

8. I don't know why he complains about his low salary all the time. He doesn't earn as ________ as I do.

9. The company has had a bad year, and will therefore not be ________ any new workers.

10. He's a wonderful cook: he can make a delicious ________ out of almost anything.

11. From now on everything will be ________ sailing, I hope. No more problems.

12. He could hardly ________ such a generous offer.

13. He had made his money by developing a profitable travel ________.

14. Do you believe ________ all that nonsense?

15. I'm not sure ________ the exact date, but I think he arrived here in 1959.

16. She may pride herself on her abilities, but she's not capable ________ bringing up children.

17. He was born ________.

18. Although they have travelled extensively, they have never been ________.

19. At this hour the street was ________ as everyone was fast asleep in bed.

20. All ________ artists must struggle with the conflict between ________ their own talent and knowledge that very few are great enough to succeed.

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