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Lesson 35 - Astronomy: Prepositions Quiz

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  1. Astronomers study the planets ___ our solar system.
    a. among
    b. below
    c. in
  2. Stars are balls of gas that give ___ light.
    a. away
    b. in
    c. out
  3. A galaxy is a system ___ stars.
    a. of
    b. off
    c. with
  4. Would you like to live ___ the moon?
    a. at
    b. in
    c. on
  5. The Chinese Wall can be seen ___ the moon.
    a. along
    b. from
    c. through
  6. A "light year" is the distance covered ___ light travelling during one year.
    a. after
    b. by
    c. for
  7. Lunar months are ___ than our months.
    a. more short
    b. shorter
    c. shortier
  8. Man first landed on the moon ___ 1969.
    a. afterwards
    b. in
    c. since
  9. A crater is a hole ___ the ground.
    a. below
    b. in
    c. off
  10. Gravity is the force that attracts objects in space ___ each other.
    a. after
    b. between
    c. towards

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