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Lesson 149 - Find the Missing Word 2

One word is missing in each sentence. Find this word, then click on the answer button to see the correct answer.
  1. People are carrying open umbrellas. It must raining.
  2. What lovely blouse!
  3. Would you like come to my birthday party?
  4. If rains, I won't go out.
  5. They're still waiting the results of the investigation.
  6. She always tells a story the children at bedtime.
  7. The child parents died in the car accident is feeling completely lost.
  8. She lost car keys in the parking lot.
  9. It all depends how many people you want to invite to dinner.
  10. Atlantic Ocean washes the coast of Brazil.
  11. My students always their homework without making any mistakes.
  12. Thank you being so understanding.
  13. She used live near me, but now she's moved.
  14. We love to hear him play piano.
  15. He was watching TV when someone knocked the door.

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