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Lesson 149 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. dress; clothing; apparel

2) n. extension ZIP (Computers); extension of an archived file compressed with the ZIP program; ZIP drive; type of drive using removable disks

3) n. certificate that bears monetary value; coupon; receipt; authorizer; endorser

4) n. swindle; deceit; cheating; forgery; embezzlement; cheat; swindler

5) n. gift; contribution

6) n. repayment; something done to make up for (a loss, deficiency or fault)

7) n. attainment; performance; operation; mission

8) n. affiliate; office; industry; trade; business unit

9) n. amount of money that has been borrowed; something borrowed; act of giving temporarily

10) n. chauffer; program which enables an operating system to communicate with a particular device

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