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Lesson 17 - TOEFL Structure

1) A fuel is a substance used ___ light, heat, or energy.

2) The state of Maine generally has cooler temperatures than ___

3) Fruit is one of the most abundant, nutritious, and ___ foods a person can eat.

4) Prescriptions for corrective lenses that are provided by an optometrist are often brought to an optician who ___ the lenses.

5) Loganberries can be used in jams ___ their juice.

6) From her early teens ___.

7) Adhesive, such as glue, tape, and gum, vary with the purpose ___ intended.

8) Alaskan forests ___ five or six miles inland from the Pacific coast.

9) The colors of a rainbow ___ arranged in the same order.

10) ___, The Yearling, won a Pulitzer Prize.

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