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Lesson 365 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. salary; wages

2) n. ability; aptitude; proficiency; expertise; craft or trade that requires special training

3) n. determination; resolution; ruling (especially in court)

4) n. side of a hill; incline; upward or downward slant; degree to which a surface deviates from the vertical

5) n. act of going around; avoidance; evasion

6) n. part of a population differing in some characteristic (race, language, religion, etc.); state of being under legal age

7) n. stock; list of assests; act of checking stock

8) n. something which is permanently or securely attached; person who has been in the same place or position for a long time; set date for a sporting event; regularly scheduled sporting event

9) n. day, month and year according to the calendar; interview; meeting

10) n. organization; order; selection; range; assortment

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