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Lesson 463 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to purchase a subscription (to a magazine, concert hall, etc.); to endorse; to sign; to donate; to contribute; to promise; to pledge; to support; to approve

2) v. to press buttons; to place a phone call by pressing buttons or turning a dial

3) v. to be able to pay for; to be able to do without difficulty; to supply; to provide; to give to oneself or to another

4) v. to cause to be dishonest; to pervert; to spoil

5) v. to accuse; to denounce

6) v. to imagine to oneself; to picture; to visualize

7) v. to remind of; to state; to refer to; to hint at; to indicate; to recognize publicly

8) v. to decorate; to imitate; to mimic; to copy an example

9) v. to respect; to esteem; to give an award to; to pay tribute; to praise; to accept

10) v. to set going; to launch; to begin; to start

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